Controlling Anki on Linux using a Nintendo Switch Joycon

I’m lying in bed all day curing a cold and I can’t really motivate myself to tackle the 1000+ reviews I’ve amassed over the last few weeks. There’s one gimmick I just implemented to motivate myself, and that is to use one of the Joycons of my Nintendo Switch to control Anki on Ubuntu. Much more comfortable than the laptop keyboard.

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Matplotlib tricks

Two little things I need now and then and am tired of looking up. To change the default font to one which supports Greek characters:

from matplotlib import rcParams
rcParams['font.sans-serif'] = 'DejaVu Sans'

To scale the xticklabels:

ax.set_xticklabels([ int(np.round(i)) for i in ax.get_xticks()*10**6 ])

PayPal REST SDK for Ruby:

Just for the record: I saw on some official PayPal site the use of “PayPal::SDK::Merchant” encouraged. Don’t do that, it’s highly outdated.

If you’ve successfully executed a payment, you can get the shipping address by loading the payment object once again and then calling @payment.payer.payer_info.shipping_address. The “inspect” method is your friend here!