Subtitles for 大闹天宫 (Havoc in Heaven)

In the attachment you can find a file I used for creating the video to be found here:

大闹天宫 with Chinese learner’s subtitles

The file attached has the following tab-separated columns:

  • The name of the movie
  • HSK level, 7 means the sentence contains non-HSK characters
  • Legacy ID; if I remember correctly it should be the ID of my former website MandarinBanana. You can ignore this column.
  • The sentence, with each character colored according to pinyin tone, and with the pinyin written under the character. You need appropriate CSS settings to make it work (colors, and display:inline-block). If you want just the sentence just delete alphanumeric characters and everything in <>, that should work. If you can’t figure this out just leave a comment.
  • This is a reference to the individual video snippet I used to keep for each sentence. It is in the format: tag (dntg) – start of sentence in ms – end of sentence in ms.
  • A table with vocabulary explanations for each word or character in the sentence. These can actually not be seen in the movie above.
  • Word-by-word translation
  • More liberal English translation of the sentence

A word of caution: English is not my native language, and this translation practice taught me that it’s actually very hard to translate into a foreign language. Many English translations will sound weird or just wrong, but it’s the best I could do. It already took me a whole weekend to translate the Chinese subtitles!

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